What the L? (Ceci n’est pas un post)

L is for Lawyer, so this is not a “real” post, but just to say that yesterday I worked 14 hours, came home and ate a lollipop for dinner.  There is obviously no food in the house.  Today I wore a sweater I’ve had for 10 years because I am out of clean clothing.  But I also billed 10 hours, finished sexual harassment training, went to the grand reopening fiasco at the House of Shields, and had a wrinkled apple with peanut butter for dinner (after burrito lunch and Pimm’s cup).  And, I tended to my personal life, i.e. did 10 push-ups and wrote a thank-you card for a birthday present.  From my birthday!  In October!  All I’m saying is, today was a better day.

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