Just for you

An update, because I know you care.

– Due to writing about it in such a reckless manner, this blog now occupies the number one and number two (no pun intended) results for the search term at issue in my previous post, which I will not repeat here (I realize this is illogical as it is now impossible to go higher in search result rankings, but I like to maintain the illusion of dignity).

– I still don’t have a theme.  The original intent was for the blog to serve as a repository or clearinghouse for my writings, which were intended to be topical personal essays, of which I have written none yet.

– I found (and added) the quote for the previous post, yay!  It was in my book journal under “Favorite Books/Passages.”  The book journal has so many uses.  Here is what it looks like:


(image via Culture Vulture)

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One Response to Just for you

  1. KRobb says:

    I’m still laughing about this. Just brilliant.

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