The backlog is here!

(Or actually, has been here for a while now, on the top menu bar.)

My New Year’s resolution is to reduce significantly the backlog of books I own but haven’t read yet (what does it say that the only resolutions I ever make are book-related?  Answer ahead).  I have a book-buying problem, which would probably be apparent even if I hadn’t mentioned it.  I am out of shelf space.  I am out of top-of-shelf-space.  It’s a hot mess.

I’ve attempted embargoes in various forms (no books until the Big Book Sale, one book for every four read) but usually manage to smuggle a few in the door.  Even so, I tallied up and was nicely surprised to learn that I have (only!) 106 books in the backlog.  To be fair, I cheated and didn’t count the books currently living in the (full, immovable) box that I used as a coffee table for two years — but whatever, I’ve totally read (most of?) those.

I’ve already read six, meaning I’m down to 100!  The outlook is good!  The oh-so-satisfying strike-through font is an added bonus.

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