How I spent 2011 by S.C., part 2

Here is the non-book edition of this post, since I guess I also did some other things in 2011.   It was a bigger year than usual for me, so I thought I would reflect on some high and low points.

Some notable things that happened in 2011:

February:  My sister, i.e. my favorite person in the world, got engaged.  Found out during dinner at Beretta with S and MG (after attempting to go to Flour + Water right when it opened at 5:30, only to be told the wait was already an hour and a half.  Also the day I decided never to eat at Flour + Water).

March:  Hosted the first of a fair few dinner parties at my place, despite having lived here for over 2 years.  E & P as guests, S’s miso-glazed sea bass, and Sharon Van Etten at the Bottom of the Hill afterward.  Discovered I am allergic to mangoes (ironically, after texting E & P to make sure they were not).

May:  Took 2 weeks off work for the first time.  Rather than recharging, it made me want more.  Got Netflix for the first time, a real eye-opener.

Later in May:  We lost my cousin Jimmy, a gentle soul missed by many.

June:  Went to Chez Panisse after a decade of ogling it from afar.  Our meal was just right but the stand-out of the night was the tisane at the end, made entirely from long, fresh mint leaves fanning out inside a beautiful glass teapot.  I just learned from this very nice blog that they use lemon verbena when in season.

End of August – Labor Day:  Burning Man.  I still don’t know how best to talk about Burning Man except that I learned to ride a bike, avoided heat stroke, and managed to behave myself.  Which in my case means hugging sweaty strangers without giving them dirty looks.

September:  Went to Big Sur, learned to identify poison oak, and decided that age has entitled me to do stodgy things like leaving a show after four songs and going to bed early.  In fairness, we had gone to see the opening act, a charming, fist-pumping, eye shadow-wearing young man with a synthesizer, and decided, when the headlining band emerged wearing raccoon hats, that we’d had enough hipness for one evening.

Also in September:  My Grandpa died at 95, the most stylish man I knew.  Thank you, Grandpa, for teaching me bad words, slipping me candy, and finding me delightful just because.

October:  Turned 31 on 31, dressed as a purple robot.

November:  Stopped billing, tasted freedom.  Despite uncertainty going forward, have not looked back for a second.

December:  My sister got married.  Pardon me for being conventional, but isn’t it nice to end with a wedding?

(Photo by someone on Facebook, which has its uses after all.)

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